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Manage Debit Card Usage & Spending On the Go with CardValet

The new card management and fraud mitigation tool, CardValet®, is now available for ECCU debit cardholders. Simply download the free app from the App Store or Google Play Store to get started.

With CardValet, cardholders can set parameters for when, where and how their debit card is used. It's easy to turn 'off' your debit card right from your smartphone, and then turn it back 'on' when you want to use it.

The on/off feature is just one of the safeguards available with CardValet. Using the GPS system in the smart phone, geographic use restrictions can be established. The flexible app lets you change these parameters anytime with ease via your mobile device. Going on vacation? Holiday shopping? Simply update your transaction controls to fit your spending needs.

Other controls can restrict usage by merchant and spending limit. Real time alerts create another layer of fraud protection with notice that a transaction was attempted, declined or both.

With the app, you can save time and rest easy by controlling the cards in your wallet with the phone in your pocket.

  • Instantly lock (and unlock) your cards if they go missing
  • Set and remove spending limits
  • Get purchase alerts in real time
  • Limit transactions to a certain area using your phone’s GPS
  • Set up parental controls – support your child’s financial needs while managing their spending
  • And more!

CardValet puts the control of your debit card right into your own hands. Download the app, enter your ECCU debit card information and get started today!


For more information, contact an ECCU representative.

CardValet® is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc.